Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why I Think IQ is Dumb

Actually, the title is sarcasm. You will discover a lot of that from me. What I really mean is that it isn't everything. Argue not; it really isn't. I recently stumbled across a few vids talking about EQ and the workplace. Being a software developer, this becomes quite intriguing indeed. Anyone with experience in IT will tell you the weight put on intelligence. But what is intelligence, exactly? Well, it is a lot more than the speed and efficiency of your brain processes things. Nowadays, EQ is the new "intelligence" sought after. There are way too many geeks out there that think its "cool" to be arrogant, because they are smart. Hey, I am smart too, pal! So its about time software development got healthy and balanced, and let it be a citizen of the industry. Geeks can be smart AND sensitive, can't they? If not then they should be!